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Library Instruction


The mission of the Grafton Library instruction program is to advance the information literacy of the Mary Baldwin College community through dynamic, transformative, instructional services.

The reference librarians offer:

For more information on any of these services please contact your liaison librarian.

In-class Instruction

The computer-equipped classroom on the Mezzanine floor of the library, Grafton 302, is designed for hands-on instruction in how to use the library and other electronic resources. Classes include basic orientation to the library, advanced research for juniors and seniors, or specific resources suited to any course assignment. All of the library instruction sessions can be customized for individual classes. Reference librarians also offer instruction at the ADP and MAT sites around Virginia. Please contact your liaison librarian if you would like more information on library instruction or would like to schedule a session. You should schedule an instruction session at least 48 hours in advance.

Online Course Guides

An online course guide is a research guide specifically designed for a course and/or research project. These guides can cover relevant resources, such as reference source, databases, and librarian-approved websites. They can also include tutorials on the research process, such as website evaluation, scholarly vs. popular sources, and citation guidence. Course guides can be conveniently linked to Blackboard, and will be available on the library website. They are usually made to accompany a library instruction session, but no instruction is necessary. Course guide example: Phil/Religion 400. If you're interested in having a course guide designed specifically for your class, contact a reference librarian at

INT 103

Information Literacy, INT 103, is a one term course taught by reference librarians.  Students in this course will begin to develop the research and critical thinking skills necessary for information literacy and lifelong learning.

Information literacy is a set of competencies requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information. The skills learned are common to all disciplines, to all learning environments and to all levels of education.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Evaluating sources

  • Focusing a research question

  • Primary and secondary sources

  • Database basics

  • Advanced searching techniques

  • Web searching and evaluation

  • Library catalogs

  • Citing and plagiarism

  • Ethical and legal issues surrounding use of information


The reference librarians offer a variety of workshops on specific topics. Workshops in the past have included:

  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Advanced Web Searching and Evaluation

  • Basic Searching for Articles

  • Training on New Features of our Electronic Resources

  • Research Paper Writing Clinics, 11th Hour Paper Power

If you would like to recommend a workshop or schedule a customized workshop for a class or group, please contact Carol Creager.

Individual Instruction Appointments

The reference librarians will gladly schedule individual in-depth appointments for members of the Mary Baldwin Community. Please contact a librarian to schedule your instruction visit.