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Grafton Library: New Titles November 2012


Taras, Ray. Understanding ethnic conflict : the international dimension. GN496 .G36 2002
Wilson, Edward O. The social conquest of earth. GN360 .W53 2012
Cooper, Douglas. Picasso theatre. ND2885 .C6413 1968
Curtiss, Vienna Ione. Pageant of art : a visual history of Western culture. N5300 .C88 1976
Godwin, Judith. Judith Godwin : color and movement. ND237.G55 A4 2001
Godwin, Judith. Judith Godwin : paintings. ND237.G55 A4 2002
Hobbs, Robert Carleton. Judith Godwin : paintings: 1953-1992. ND237.G54 A4 1992
Lievore, Pietro. Padua : baptistery of the cathedrale : frescoes by Giusto de' Menabuoi. ND623.M62 A4 1994
Narazaki, Muneshige. Studies in nature: Hokusai-Hiroshige, ND1059.K23 N283 1970
Nea, Margaret Woodson. Children, eyes of the soul. TR681.C5 N43 2007
Nea, Margaret Woodson. Children, gifts of the spirit. TR681.C5 N43 2001
Anderson, Wes. Moonrise kingdom . AV AA1997.M6756 R57 2012
Bekmambetov, Timur. Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter . AV AA1997 .A2714 2012
Darnell, Eric. Madagascar 3 : Europe's most wanted. AV AA1997 .M3336 2012
DeMille, Cecil B.  The ten commandments . AV AA1997.T44 C66 1956
Doyle, Patrick. Brave . AV AA1997 .B7382 2012
Pearlstein, Elise. Last call at the oasis . AV TD313.5 .L37 2012
Perry, Tyler. Madea's witness protection . AV AA1997.M3350 W58 2012
Picker, Miguel. Latinos beyond reel : challenging a media stereotype. AV PN1995.9 .H47 L38 2012
Roth, Vanessa. American teacher . AV LB1775.2 .A44 2012
Soderbergh, Steven. Magic Mike . AV AA1997 .M3453 2012
Story, Tim director. Think like a man . AV AA1997 .T4565 2012
Yeboah, Emmanuel Ofosu. Emmanuel's gift . AV HV1569.3.Y68 E4636 2006
Ziskin, Laura. The Amazing Spider-Man . AV AA1997.A4396 S653 2012
Brockett, Charles D. Land, power, and poverty : agrarian transformation and political conflict in Central America. HD1797 .B76 1998
Cracknell, Andrew. The real mad men : the renegades of Madison Avenue and the golden age of advertising. HF6182.U5 C73 2011
Fitzpatrick, Sheila. Stalin's peasants : resistance and survival in the Russian village after collectivization. HD1492.S65 F58 1994
Guell, Robert C. Issues in economics today. HB87 .G83 2008
Gujarati, Damodar N. Essentials of econometrics. HB139 .G85 2006
Hedges, Chris. Days of destruction, days of revolt. HC110.P6 H43 2012
Kanter, Rosabeth Moss. The Challenge of organizational change : how companies experience it and leaders guide it. HD58.8 .C43 1992
Kotkin, Joel. Tribes : how race, religion, and identity determine success in the new global economy. HF5386 .K776 1993
Stiglitz, Joseph E. The price of inequality : [how today's divided society endangers our future]. HC110.I5 S867 2012
Fisher, Berenice M. No angel in the classroom : teaching through feminist discourse. LC197 .F58 2001
Gaither, Milton. Homeschool : an American history. LC40 .G34 2008
Murphy, Joseph. Homeschooling in America : capturing and assessing the movement. LC40 .M87 2012
Provenzo, Eugene F. Encyclopedia of the social and cultural foundations of education. REF LB17 .E53 2009
Applebaum, Anne. Iron curtain : the crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956. DJK45.S65 A67 2012
Basker, James G. American antislavery writings : colonial beginnings to emancipation. E446 .A48 2012
Clarendon, Edward Hyde. The history of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. DA400 .C6 1840
Domínguez, Jorge I. The future of inter-American relations. F1418 .F92 2000
Fischer, Edward F. Tecpán Guatemala : a modern Maya town in global and local context. F1465.2.C3 F58 2002
Gristwood, Sarah. Elizabeth and Leicester. DA355 .G76 2007
Grotjohn, Robert. Asia Culture Forum 2010 :  New Asia. DS12 .A85 2011
Jonas, Susanne. Of centaurs and doves : Guatemala's peace process. F1466.7 .J66 2000
Makabe, Tomoko The Canadian Sansei. F1035.J3 M34 1998
Meacham, Jon. Thomas Jefferson : the art of power. E332 .M48 2012
Merril, Dennis. Major problems in American foreign relations : documents and essays. E183.7 .M28 2006
Moynahan, Brian. The Russian century : a history of the last 100 years. DK246 .M69 1995
Sakharov, Andre. Memoirs. DK275.S25 A3 1990
Schulz, Donald E. The United States, Honduras, and the crisis in Central America. F1508.3 .S34 1994
Silver, Nate. The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail-- but some don't. CB158 .S54 2012
Sosnoski, Daniel. Introduction to Japanese culture. DS821 .I577 1996
Stoll, David. Rigoberta Menchú and the story of all poor Guatemalans. F1465.2.Q5 M3885 1999
Streeter, Stephen M. Managing the counterrevolution : the United States and Guatemala, 1954-1961. E183.8.G8 S785 2000
Suny, Ronald Grigor. The Soviet experiment : Russia, the USSR, and the successor states. DK266 .S94 1998
Time-Life Books. Chancellorsville. E475.35 .C46 1996
Walker, Carroll. Norfolk : a tricentennial pictorial history. F234.N8 C37 1981
Walker, Thomas W., 1940- Nicaragua without illusions : regime transition and structural adjustment in the 1990s. F1528 .N51785 1997
Warren, Kay B. Indigenous movements and their critics : Pan-Maya activism in Guatemala. F1465.3.G6 W37 1998
Woodward, Ralph Lee. Central America, a nation divided. F1436 .W66 1999
Bloom, Harold. Alice Walker's The color purple. PS3573.A425 C6325 2000
Chakkalakal, Tess. Novel bondage : slavery, marriage, and freedom in nineteenth-century America. PS217.S55 C45 2011
Donawerth, Jane. Conversational rhetoric : the rise and fall of a women's tradition, 1600-1900. P301 .D66 2012
Fahs, Alice. Out on assignment : newspaper women and the making of modern public space. PN4872 .F35 2011
Fleming, David. From form to meaning : freshman composition and the long sixties, 1957-1974. PE1405.U6 F6 2011
Garrard, Greg. Ecocriticism. PR143 .G37 2012
Gikandi, Simon. Slavery and the culture of taste. PN56.S5765 G55 2011
Gilbert, Sandra M. The Norton anthology of literature by women : the traditions in English, vol. 1 : the Middle ages through the turn of the century. PS508.W7 N67 2007 v. 1
Gilbert, Sandra M. The Norton anthology of literature by women : the traditions in English, vol. 2 : early Twentieth Century through Contemporary. PS508.W7 N67 2007 v. 2
Goodman, Susan. Republic of words : the Atlantic monthly and its writers, 1857-1925. PN4900.A7 G77 2011
Hayashi, Fumiko. Floating clouds. PL829.A8 U5513 2006
Hochman, Barbara. Uncle Tom's cabin and the reading revolution : race, literacy, childhood, and fiction, 1851-1911. PS2954.U6 H63 2011
Hogle, Jerrold E. The Cambridge companion to Gothic fiction. PR830.T3 C36 2002
Jansen, Sharon L. Reading women's worlds from Christine de Pizan to Doris Lessing : a guide to six centuries of women writers imagining rooms of their own. PN471 .J36 2011
Kingston, Maxine Hong. The woman warrior : memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts. PS3561.I5 W6 1989
Lamos, Steve. Interests and opportunities : race, racism, and university writing instruction in the post-civil rights era. PE1405.U6 L355 2011
Linett, Maren Tova. The Cambridge companion to modernist women writers. PN56.M54 C365 2010
Lister, Rachel. Alice Walker, The color purple. PS3573.A425 Z82 2010
Locke, Richard. Critical children : the use of childhood in ten great novels. PS374.C45 L63 2011
Ma, Bo. Blood red sunset : a memoir of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. PL2876.A67 H7713 1996
Mairs, Nancy. Carnal acts : essays. PS3563.A386 Z464 1996
Manley, Lawrence. The Cambridge companion to the literature of London. PR8471 .C36 2011
Mantel, Hilary. Bring up the bodies : a novel. PR6063.A438 B75 2012
Mantel, Hilary. Wolf Hall : a novel. PR6063.A438 W65 2010
Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. PS3613.E979 T85 2008
Pizer, Donald. The Cambridge companion to American realism and naturalism. PS374.N29 C36 1995
Reesman, Jeanne Campbell. Jack London : one hundred years a writer. PS3523.O46 Z654 2002
Richardson, Catherine. Shakespeare and material culture. PR2995 .R53 2011
Sarton, May. Journal of a solitude. PS3537.A832 Z4667 1992
Shentalinsky, Vitali. Arrested voices : resurrecting the disappeared writers of the Soviet regime. PG2991.4 .S4813 1996
Swift, Daniel. Shakespeare's common prayers : the Book of common prayer and the Elizabethan age. PR3011 .S95 2012
Tobias, Ron. Film and the American moral vision of nature : Theodore Roosevelt to Walt Disney. PN1995.9.N38 T53 2011
Vonnegut, Kurt. Kurt Vonnegut : letters. PS3572.O5 Z48 2012
Woolf, Virginia. Orlando : a biography. PR6045.O72 O7 2006
Zipes, Jack. The irresistible fairy tale : the cultural and social history of a genre. GR550 .Z59 2012
Connelley, Carroll J. Aspects of leadership : ethics, law, and spirituality. U22 .A87 2012
McPhee, Colin. A house in Bali. ML410.M17 A3 2000
Blake, Charles H. Politics in Latin America. JL960 .B53 2007
Chalmers, Douglas A. The new politics of inequality in Latin America : rethinking participation and representation. JL966 .N49 1997
Falk, Richard A. Human rights horizons : the pursuit of justice in a globalizing world. JC585 .F35 2000
Fukuyama, Francis. America at the crossroads : democracy, power, and the neoconservative legacy. JZ1480 .F85 2006
Human Rights Watch. Slaughter among neighbors : the political origins of communal violence. JC571 .S63 1995
Hutchinson, John. Nationalism. JC311 .N295 1994
Packer, George. The fight is for democracy : winning the war of ideas in America and the world. JK1764 .F5 2003
Snyder, Jack L. From voting to violence : democratization and nationalist conflict. JC421 .S557 2000
Spray, Sharon L. Research and writing in international relations. JZ1234 .S77 2012
Toobin, Jeffrey. The oath : the Obama White House and the Supreme Court. KF8742 .T66 2012
Walker, Thomas W., 1940- Repression, resistance, and democratic transition in Central America. JL1416 .R47 2000
Sacks, Oliver W. Hallucinations. RC553.H3 S33 2012
Boyd-Bragg, Dorothy A. The history of First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, Virginia, 1804-2004. BX9211.S8 F5 2004
Cloud, Henry. Making small groups work : what every small group leader needs to know. BV652.2 .C57 2003
Huddle, William Peter. History of the Hebron Luthern church, Madison County, Virginia, from 1717 to 1907. BX8076.H4 H8 1908
Lincoln, Yvonna S. Naturalistic inquiry. B828.2 .L56 1985
Nhat Hanh, Thích. The heart of understanding : commentaries on the Prajñaparamita Heart Sutra. BQ1967 .N48 1988
Dershowitz, Alan M. Preemption : a knife that cuts both ways. HM1116 .D47 2006
Eichenwald, Kurt. 500 days : secrets and lies in the terror wars. HV6432.7 .E445 2012
Geifman, Anna. Thou shalt kill : revolutionary terrorism in Russia, 1894-1917. HV6433.R9 G45 1995
Rueschemeyer, Dietrich. States, social knowledge, and the origins of modern social policies. HN28 .S79 1996
Smith, Lois M. Sex and revolution : women in socialist Cuba. HQ1507 .S63 1996
Totten, Samuel. Century of genocide : critical essays and eyewitness accounts. HV6322.7 .C46 2004
Tutino, John. From insurrection to revolution in Mexico : social bases of agrarian violence, 1750-1940. HN113 .T88 1988
Armour, Kathleen M. Research methods in physical education and youth sport. GV361 .R48 2012