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Foreign Films on DVD

Organized alphabetically by language. Updated January 18th, 2013

Title Pub Date Language Country/Area of Origin
Bab al wazeer    [2000?] Arabic Egypt
The big game   [200-?] Arabic Egypt
The bullet [2000?] Arabic Egypt
Deer's blood [2005?] Arabic Egypt
A feeling inside   200-?] Arabic
Forbidden on the wedding night    [2004] Arabic Egypt
Hasan and Morqos    = Hassan wa Morcus     2008 Arabic Egypt
Hassan and Naima  [2003?] Arabic Egypt
The Hostage =      al-Rah{012B}nah     2007 Arabic Egypt
The Island    = al-Jaz{012B}rah     2008 Arabic Egypt
Love is not enough =    1979 Arabic Egypt
The Nightingale's prayer 2002 Arabic Egypt
The Open door    [2004?] Arabic Egypt
The Wedding night      =Laylat al-dukhlah     [2004] Arabic Egypt
Where do we go now? 2012 Arabic
2046 c2005. Cantonese China
The bride with white hair c1996. Cantonese, Mandarin, English China
Kolya       c1996. Czech
Labyrinth of darkness c2006. Czech Czechoslovakia
Little Otik   = Otesánek     [2002] Czech
Adam's apples   = Adams Æbler     c2007. Danish Scandinavian
Flickering lights   = Blinkende lygter     [2003], c2000. Danish Scandinavian
Babette's Feast 2001 Danish and French
The circle   = Il cerchio     [2001], c2000. Farsi
Crimson gold c2004. Farsi Iran
Day break   = Dam e sobh     c2006. Farsi Iran
Letters in the wind   = Namehay bad     [2005] Farsi Iran
Our times  [2005] Farsi Iran
A Separation 2012 Farsi
Taste of cherry    = Ta{02B9}m e guilass     1999 Farsi
8 Women =8 Femmes 2002 French
The 400 blows    =Quatre cents coups     c1998. French France
Alberto Giacometti       c2001. French
Amelie   : Amélie from Montmartre     [2002], c2001. French France
Band of outsiders   = Bande à part     c2003. French France
The barbarian invasions   = Les invasions barbares     [2004] French
Beauty and the beast   = La belle et la bête     1998 French
Blue   = Trois couleurs, bleu     1996 French
Caché   = Hidden     [2006] French France
The Chorus =Les Choristes 2004 French
The city of lost children   = [La] cité des enfants perd[us]    c1999. French France
Confidentially yours    or Vivement dimanche     1983, 1999. French France
Delicatessen c2006. French France
Le dîner de cons   = Dinner game     2003, c1998. French France
Diva c2000 French France
The disenchanted    = La Désenchantée     1990 French France
Dreamlife of angels     =Vie rev{0302}ée des anges     c1999. French France
L'enfant   = The child     [2006] French
Fat girl c2004. French France
Girl on the bridge 2008 French France
The gleaners and I       [2002] French France
Grand Illusion c1999. French France
Happenstance   = Le battement d'ailes du papillon     [2001]. French France
A Heart in Winter =Un coeur en hiver 1993 French
Irma Vep        [c1998]. French France
Jesus of Montreal   = Jésus de Montréal     [2004] French Canada
Mademoiselle Chambon       2010 French
Ma vie en rose   = My life in pink     1999 French France
Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran 2003 French
Monsieur Lazhar 2012 French Quebec
Persepolis c2008 French France
Ponette c1998. French France
A prophet    = Un prophète     c2010. French France
Red   = Troi colours, rouge     [2003] French France
Romance c1999. French France
Russian dolls    = Les poupées russes     c2006. French France
Small Change   = L'Argent de poche. 2001 French France
Stolen Kisses c1968,1999 French France
To be and to have   = Être et avoir     [2004]. French France
The umbrellas of Cherbourg    = Les parapluies de Cherbourg     c2004. French France
Under the sand      = Sous le sable     [2001], c2000. French France
A very long engagement    = Un long dimanche de fiançailles     [2005]. French France
La vie en rose       [2007] French
Tell no one    = Ne le dis à personne     c2009. French or English
Moolaadé       2005 French, Bambara 
White    = Trois couleurs, blanc     [2003] French, Polish
The 3 penny opera   = Dreigroschenoper      c2007. German German
Aguirre, the wrath of God   = Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes     2000 German Germany
The blue angel   = Der blaue Engel     c2001. German Germany
Das Boot    the boat     c1997. German German
Even dwarfs started small       = Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen     1999 German Germany
Fitzcarraldo       1999 German Germany
Good bye Lenin! c2004. German Germany
The lives of others    = Das Leben der Anderen     2007, c2006. German Germany
M c1931,1998 German Germany
Woyzeck       2000 German Germany
Faraway, so close c1999, 1993 German or French German
My best fiend   = Mein liebster Feind     c2000. German, English German
The Princess and the warrior   = Der Krieger und die Kaiserin     [2002], c2000. German, English Germany
Stalingrad c1993,1998 German, English Germany
The Edge of Heaven =  Auf der anderen Seite       [2008] German, Turkish
Run Lola run       1999 Germna, English Germany
Bon voyage c2003. Grench France
Footnote 2012 Hebrew Israel
Barfi 2012 Hindi India
Black c2005. Hindi India
Devdas       2002 Hindi India
Dhalapathi     Mannan :   Tamil Songs     200-. Hindi
Dil chahta hai  . 2004 Hindi India
Dilwale dulhania le jayenge   = the brave-heart will take the bride     cp1995. Hindi India
Dor       [c2006?] Hindi India
Kabuliwala  . [200-?] Hindi India
Lage raho munna bhai       2006 Hindi India
Like stars on Earth   : every child is special = Taare zameen par     [2009] Hindi India
Munna bhai M.B.B.S.       c2004. Hindi India
Parineeta       2005 Hindi India
Water c2006. Hindi India, Canada
Roja   = Roj{0101}     [2004]. Hindi (dubbed in Hindi) India
Lagaan   = Lag{0101}na : once upon a time in India     c2001. Hindi, English India
Kontroll       c2005. Hungarian Hungary
The fast runner   = Atanarjuat     [2003], c2000. Inuktitut
Amarcord    = I remember     1998 Italian Italy
Arabian Nights c1998. Italian Italy
The bicycle thief   = Ladri di biciclette    c1998. Italian Italy
Bread and tulips   = Pane e tulipani [2002], c2000. Italian
Decameron   : da "Il Decameron" di G. Boccaccio     c1991. Italian Italy
Don Giovanni        1989 Italian
Life is beautiful   = La vita è bella     [1999], c1997. Italian Italy
The monster    = Il Mostro     c1999. Italian Italy
Nights of Cabiria    = Notti di Cabiria     c1999. Italian Italy
The Postman    = Il Postino     1995 Italian Italy
Swept away (by an unusual destiny in the Blue Sea of August) c1997. Italian Italy
Farinelli       c2000, 1995. Italian, French
Voyage in time    = Tempo di viaggio     [2004] Italian, Russian
Akira       c1987. Japanese Japan
Black rain    = Kuroi ame     c1998. Japanese Japan
Departures    = Okuribito     c2009. Japanese Japan
Fist of the north star        1986 Japanese
Grave of the fireflies   = Hotaru no haka     [2002], c1988. Japanese Japan
Letters from Iwo Jima 2007 Japanese Japan
My neighbor Totoro c2006. Japanese Japan
Ran c1998,1985 Japanese Japan
Warm water under a red bridge   = Akai hashi no shita no nerui mizu     c2003. Japanese Japan
Vampire Hunter D c2000 Japanese or English Japan
Ghost in the shell        1997, 1995. Japanese, English Japan
Chi-hwa-seon   = Painted fire     c2003. Korean Korea
Oldboy 2005 Korean South Korea
Spring, summer, fall, winter-- and spring       [2004], c2003. Korean
Visit to the sepulchre    = Visitatio sepulchri     c1979. Latin
Three times   = Zui hao de shi guang     [2006] Madarin, Taiwanese Taiwan
What time is it there?   = Ni na bian ji dian     [2002], c2001. Madarin, Taiwanese, French China
Crouching tiger, hidden dragon       [2001], c2000. Mandarin Chinese
House of Flying Daggers       [2005] Mandarin Chinese
Hero    = Ying xiong     [2004] Mandarin Chinese
Not one less c1999. Mandarin China
Shower    = Xi zao     [2000] Mandarin China
The road home c2000 Mandarin or French China
The cave of the yellow dog   = Höhle des gelben Hundes     [2006] Mongolian Mongolia
Kitchen stories   = Salmer fra kjørkkenet     [2004] Norwegian, Swedish Scandinavian
The Decalogue   = Dekalog     2000 Polish Poland
Knife in the water   = Nó{017C} w wodzie     2003 Polish Poland
Central Station 1999 Portuguese Portugual
City of God    = Cidade de Deus     c2003. Portuguese Portugual
Hollow city   = Na cidade vazia     [2005?] Portuguese Portugual
12:08 east of Bucharest   = A fost sau n-a fost?     c2007. Romanian Romania
Death of Mr. Lazarescu   = Moartea domnului Lazarescu      c2006. Romanian Romania
Andrei Rublev        Russian Russia
Burnt by the sun c1995 Russian Russia
Day watch   = [Dnevno{012D} dozor]     c2007. Russian
Hamlet   = Gamlet     c2006. Russian
King Lear   = Korol{02B9} Lir     c2004. Russian Russia
Outskirts   = Okraina     [2004], c1998. Russian Russia
Solaris     = Soli{FE20}a{FE21}ris      [2002] Russian
Night Watch c2006. Russian and English
The Battleship Potemkin c1998 Silent Russia
Un chien andalou       c2004. Silent France
Metropolis c2002. Silent German
All about my mother =Todo sobre mi madre c2000 Spanish Spain
Amores perros       c2001. Spanish Mexico
Bad education   =  La mala educación     [2005] Spanish Spain
Belle epoque = The age of beauty (VHS) 1994 Spanish
Bitter sugar   = Azucar amarga     p2001. Spanish
Biutiful       c2011. Spanish
Broken Embraces =Los Abrazos Rotos 2010 Spanish
Caballos salvajes     = Wild horses     [2004] Spanish Argentina
Chico & Rita 2010 Spanish Cuba
Como agua para chocolate = Like Water for chocolate 2000 Spanish Mexico
The crime of Padre Amaro  2002 Spanish
El norte   1983 Spanish Latin America
Goya in Bordeaux       [2000], c1999. Spanish
The grandfather   = El abuelo     c1998. Spanish Spain
Guantanamera       2000 Spanish Latin America
Innocent voices    = Voces inocentes     [2007] spanish El Salvador
I, the worst of all . = Yo, la peor de todas. 2003 Spanish
Life according to Muriel c2000 Spanish Argentina
Live Flesh =Carne trémula (VHS) 1997 Spanish
Lovers of the Arctic Circle =Los amantes del Círculo Polar  2006 Spanish
Men with guns c2003. Spanish
La misma luna c2008 Spanish
Nine queens   = Nueve reinas     c2002. Spanish
Nueba yol 1 & 3  . 2006 Spanish Dominican Republic
Open Your Eyes =Abre los ojos 1997 Spanish
Pan's Labyrinth = El laberinto del fauno       [2007] Spanish
Quinceanera 2006 Spanish 
Real Women Have Curves 2002 Spanish Mexican American
Running out of time   = Días contados    c2000. Spanish
Solas   = Alone     [2003], c1999. Spanish
The Spirit of the beehive     = El espíritu de la colmena      c2006. Spanish Spain
Strawberry & Chocolate =Fresa y chocolate (VHS) 1995 Spanish Cuba
Talk to her   = Hable con ella     c2003. Spanish
Tango 1999 Spanish Spain
Waiting list = Lista de espera   = Waiting list     [2004] Spanish
Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown 1988 Spanish
Y tu mamá también       c2002. Spanish Mexico
As it is in heaven     = Så{030A} som i himmelen     [2009]. Swedish Sweden 
The girl who kicked the hornet's nest   = Stieg Larsson's Luftslottet som sprängdes     c2010. Swedish
The Girl who played with fire    = Flickan som lekte med elden     [2010] Swedish
The girl with the dragon tattoo   = Män som hatar kvinnor     c2010. Swedish
Let the right one in    = Låt den rätte komma in.     [2009] Swedish
Kannathil muthamittal   = [A peck on the cheek]     2005 Tamil India
Vanaja       2006 Telugu India
The cup c2001. Tibetan or Cantonese China
Bliss   = Mutluluk     c2007. Turkish