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Grafton Library: New Titles February 2013


Bruner, Edward M. Culture on tour : ethnographies of travel. G156.5.H47 B78 2005
Pitarch Ramón, Pedro. Modernidades indígenas. GN564.L29 M64 2012
Trouillot, Michel-Rolph. Global transformations : anthropology and the modern world. GN33 .T76 2003
Uzendoski, Michael. The Napo Runa of Amazonian Ecuador. F2230.2.K4 U94 2005
Garrigan, Shelley E. Collecting Mexico : museums, monuments, and the creation of national identity. F1210 .G47 2012
Godwin, Judith. Judith Godwin : early abstractions : an exhibition. ND237.G547 A4 2008
Gottschaller, Pia. Lucio Fontana : the artist's materials. ND623.F596 G68 2012
Basu, Anurag. Barfi! [videorecording]. AV AA1997 .B3745 2012
Burton, Tim. Frankenweenie [videorecording]. AV AA1997 .F7165 2012
Johnson, Rian. Looper [videorecording]. AV AA1997 .L6647 2012
Kaiser, Max. On a wing and a prayer [videorecording] : an American Muslim learns to fly. AV AA1997 .O5295 2008
Potter, Sally. Orlando [videorecording]. AV AA1997 .O7416 1992
Bhasin, Balbir B. Doing business in the ASEAN countries. HD2901 .B437 2010
Dresner, Simon. The principles of sustainability. HD75.6 .D735 2008
Elkind, Sarah S. How local politics shape federal policy : business, power, and the environment in twentieth-century Los Angeles. HC107.C2 E45 2011
Hine, Thomas. I want that! : how we all became shoppers. HC79.C6 H56 2003
LeDuff, Charlie. Detroit : an American autopsy. HC108.D6 L44 2013
Mackey, John. Conscious capitalism : liberating the heroic spirit of business. HD60 .M28 2013
Mariampolski, Hy. Ethnography for marketers : a guide to consumer immersion. HF5415.2 .M3164 2006
Pitelis, Christos. Green business, green values, and sustainability. HD60.5.G7 G74 2011
Rodrik, Dani. The globalization paradox : democracy and the future of the world economy. HF1418.5 .R6425 2011
Skocpol, Theda. Reaching for a new deal : ambitious governance, economic meltdown, and polarized politics in Obama's first two years. HC106.84 .R43 2011
Torres, Santos. Teaching school social work : model course outlines and resources. LB3013.4 .T43 2000
Weber, Karl. Waiting for "Superman" : how we can save America's failing public schools. LB2806.22 .W35 2010
Epstein, Andrew. NBER Working papers : Health care. HB1 .N37 no. ----
Starr, Paul. Remedy and reaction : the peculiar American struggle over health care reform. RA395.A3 S768 2011
Baldwin, Sam. For Fukui's sake : Two years in rural Japan. DS812 .B353 2012
Borrelli, MaryAnne. The politics of the president's wife. E176.2 .B67 2011
Chatterjee, Partha. The black hole of empire : history of a global practice of power. DS465 .C53 2012
Fienup-Riordan, Ann. Ellavut, our Yup'ik world & weather : continuity and change on the Bering Sea coast. E99.E7 F45 2012
Foster, Douglas. After Mandela : the struggle for freedom in post-apartheid South Africa. DT1971 .F67 2012
Holsti, Ole R. American public opinion on the Iraq War. DS79.767.P83 H65 2011
Johnson, R. W. South Africa's brave new world : the beloved country since the end of apartheid. DT1971 .J64 2010
Kewes, Paulina. The Oxford handbook of Holinshed's Chronicles. DA130 .O95 2013
King, Desmond S. Still a house divided : race and politics in Obama's America. E185.615 .K485 2011
Lewis, David. Bangladesh : politics, economics, and civil society. DS395.5 .L49 2011
Macfarlane, Alan. The empire of tea : the remarkable history of the plant that took over the world. GT2905 .M33 2004
Oeppen, Ceri. Beyond the wild tribes : understanding modern Afghanistan and its diaspora. DS371.4 .B49 2010
Sawyer, Suzana. Crude chronicles : indigenous politics, multinational oil, and neoliberalism in Ecuador. F3721.3.E25 S29 2004
Sen, Amartya. The argumentative Indian : writings on Indian history, culture, and identity. DS423 .S338 2005
St. John, Ronald B. Libya : from colony to revolution. DT224 .S75 2012
Vincent, Susan J. The anatomy of fashion : dressing the body from the Renaissance to today. TT507 .V57 2009
Walker, Rebecca,. Black cool : one thousand streams of Blackness. E185.625 .B5548 2012
Applegate, Katherine. The one and only Ivan. PZ7.A6483 O54 2012
Dungy, Camille T. Black nature : four centuries of African American nature poetry. PS591.N4 B49 2009
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat, pray, love : one woman's search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. PS3557.I3415 E28 2010
Klassen, J. This is not my hat. PZ7.K6781446 T45 2012
Kollontai, Aleksandra. Love of worker bees. PG3476.K58 L613 1978
Lai, Thanhha . Inside out & back again. PZ7.5.L35 I575 2011
Masters, Edgar Lee. Spoon River anthology. PS3525.A83 S5 2008
Mo, Yan. Sandalwood death = (Tanxiang xing) : a novel. PL2886.O1684 T3613 2013
Palacio, R. J. Wonder. PZ7.P17526 W66 2012
Pasco, Allan H. Inner workings of the novel : studying a genre. PQ653 .P37 2010
Ryang, Sonia. Reading North Korea : an ethnological inquiry. PL997.A25 R93 2012
Sony Lab'Ou Tansi. La vie et demie : roman. PQ3989.2.S64 V5 1998
Williams, Bruce Alan. After broadcast news : media regimes, democracy, and the new information environment. P95.82.U6 W54 2011
Williams-Garcia, Rita. One crazy summer. PZ7.W6713 O54 2012
Bloch, Joshua. Effective Java. QA76.73.J38 B57 2008
Johnson, Loch K. National security intelligence : secret operations in defense of the democracies. UB270 .J64 2012
Kaplan, Fred M. The insurgents : David Petraeus and the plot to change the American way of war. U241 .K37 2013
Burman, Leonard. Taxes in America : what everyone needs to know. HJ2381 .B79 2013
Cushman, Clare. Courtwatchers : eyewitness accounts in Supreme Court history. KF8742 .C875 2011
Dimaggio, Anthony R. The rise of the Tea Party : political discontent and corporate media in the age of Obama. JK2391.T43 D56 2011
Dunn, Charles W. The presidency in the twenty-first century. JK511 .P777 2011
Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew. Breaking through the noise : presidential leadership, public opinion, and the news media. JK554 .E73 2011
Hajnal, Zoltan. Why Americans don't join the party : race, immigration, and the failure (of political parties) to engage the electorate. JK1764 .H34 2011
Joyce, Philip G. The Congressional Budget Office : honest numbers, power, and policymaking. HJ2051 .J69 2011
Kinder, Donald R. The end of race? : Obama, 2008, and racial politics in America. JK526 2008 .K567 2012
Lawless, Jennifer L. Becoming a candidate : political ambition and the decision to run for office. JK2281 .L385 2012
Malecha, Gary Lee. The public Congress : Congressional deliberation in a new media age. JK1131 .M35 2012
Nelson, Michael. Governing at home : the White House and domestic policymaking. JK516 .G68 2011
Peppers, Todd C. In chambers : stories of Supreme Court law clerks and their Justices. KF8744 .I53 2012
Rieffel, Alexis. Myanmar/Burma : inside challenges, outside interests. JQ751.A58 M93 2010
Skocpol, Theda. The Tea Party and the remaking of Republican conservatism. JK2391.T43 S56 2012
Smith, Craig R. Silencing the opposition : how the U.S. government suppressed freedom of expression during major crises. JC599.U5 S542 2011
Staab, Andreas. The European Union explained : institutions, actors, global impact. JN30 .S713 2011
Stecker, Frederick. The podium, the pulpit, and the Republicans : how presidential candidates use religious language in American political debate. JA85.2.U6 S74 2011
Bohart, Arthur C. Humanity's dark side : evil, destructive experience, and psychotherapy. BF789.E94 H86 2013
Diamond, Stuart. Getting more : how to negotiate to achieve your goals in the real world. BF637.N4 D53 2010
Fox, Elaine. Rainy brain, sunny brain : how to retrain your brain to overcome pessimism and achieve a more positive outlook. BF698.35.O57 F69 2012
Freud, Sigmund. The letters of Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank : inside psychoanalysis. BF173.F85 A4 2012
Herz, Rachel. That's disgusting : unraveling the mysteries of repulsion. BF575.A886 H47 2012
Langdon, Robyn. Emotions, imagination, and moral reasoning. BF511 .E465 2012
Lawlor, Clark. From melancholia to prozac : a history of depression. RC537 .L392 2012
Sherts, Miles. Conscious communication : how to establish healthy relationships and resolve conflict peacefully while maintaining independence, a language of connection. BF637.C45 S44 2009
Boehm, Christopher. Moral origins : the evolution of virtue, altruism, and shame. BJ1311 .B645 2012
Macfarlane, Alan. The family life of Ralph Josselin, a seventeenth-century clergyman : an essay in historical anthropology. BX5199.J66 M3 1977
AtKisson, Alan. The sustainability transformation : how to accelerate positive change in challenging times. GE170 .A856 2011
Barrett, Louise. Beyond the brain : how body and environment shape animal and human minds. QL933 .B27 2011
Blackford, Mansel G. Making seafood sustainable : American experiences in global perspective. SH136.S88 B53 2012
Denny, Mark. Engineering animals : how life works. QP31.2 .D46 2011
Finnis, Elizabeth. Reimagining marginalized foods : global processes, local places. GT2850 .R45 2012
Johnsen, Sönke. The optics of life : a biologist's guide to light in nature. QH515 .J64 2012
McCord, Edward LeRoy. The value of species. GE42 .M378 2012
Roberts, Callum. The ocean of life : the fate of man and the sea. CB465 .R62 2012
Smoller, Jordan W. The other side of normal : how biology is providing the clues to unlock the secrets of normal and abnormal behavior. QH457 .S66 2012
Taleb, Nassim. Antifragile : things that gain from disorder. Q375 .T348 2012
Bailey, Merridee L. Socialising the child in late Medieval England, c. 1400-1600. HQ792.G7 B355 2012
Beier, A. L. Masterless men : the vagrancy problem in England 1560-1640. HV4546.A3 B45 1985
Clark, Anna. The history of sexuality in Europe : a sourcebook and reader. HQ18.E8 H57 2011
Congress, Elaine Piller. Teaching social work values and ethics : a curriculum resource. HV11 .T394 2009
Godelier, Maurice. The metamorphoses of kinship. HQ503 .G613 2011
Haulotte, Shirley M. Case scenarios for teaching and learning social work practice. HV11 .C33 2001
Hayward, Clarissa Rile. Justice and the American metropolis. HT123 .J87 2011
Kingston, Jeff. Natural disaster and nuclear crisis in Japan : response and recovery after Japan's 3/11. HV600 2011.T64 N37 2012
Lager, Patricia B. Guidebook for international field placements and student exchanges : planning, implementation, and sustainability. HV41 .G945 2010
Link, Rosemary J. Teaching international content : curriculum resources for social work education. HV11 .T394 2005
Mookherjee, Monica. Women's rights as multicultural claims : reconfiguring gender and diversity in political philosophy. HQ1236 .M655 2011
Nacos, Brigitte Lebens. Selling fear : counterterrorism, the media, and public opinion. HV6432 .N336 2011
Shore, Marci. The taste of ashes : the afterlife of totalitarianism in Eastern Europe. HN380.7.A8 S56 2013