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Departmental Book Purchasing

Departmental Budget

Annual allocations are determined using a formula that includes the following data: circulation statistics, interlibrary loan statistics, the average cost of a title in the discipline, the number of MBC student credit hours generated in 100 level and above courses for each discipline, and number of majors in a department.

Resources for Book Selection

Every six weeks the library representative will receive relevant Choice cards for review by the faculty in the discipline. Choice cards as well as contain critical reviews of scholarly publications. In addition, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books In Print and *Academic Search Complete are resources for finding information and reviews about books.

*To find reviews in Academic Search Complete, type a few words from the book title then highlight "Book Review" in the document type box.


In order to make new material available during the current academic year there are two deadlines for ordering books. Each discipline is required to submit orders totaling one half of their allocation by December 1. The remaining orders must be submitted by April 1.

Placing Orders

Orders for books are placed through your department's library liaison. If ordering from a Choice card, please return the card to your liaison. If you are not using Choice cards, you can send an email including as much detail about the book as possible.

If you are using, you can mark and email records to your liaison.

You may also fill out a book order form online.

Rush Orders

If you need a book added to the collection as soon as possible, please indicate that you would like the book "rushed" in your order.

Status of a Book Order

Search the title in the library catalog. The catalog will tell you if an item is on order, in acquisitions, cataloguing, circulation, or checked out. If the discipline has submitted an order but the item does not appear in the catalog, it is still in processing and has not yet been ordered. When books are ready to be checked out, they are shelved on the new book cart on the main floor of the library. The titles also appear on the new book list.

Non-print Materials

Not more than 20% of each departmental budget may be spent on non-print materials. Please keep in mind that print and non-print materials purchased with library funds become part of the library collection and are available to the entire college community.