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Baldwin Blogs

It’s all about MBC, our students, and our alumnae/i on Baldwin Blogs. Here are just a few blogs that the college likes to follow. Share yours with MBC with a link and brief description.

All About MBC

Grafton Library:
News, updates, and info from the Martha S. Grafton Library

Spencer Center Study Abroad blog:
Written by MBC students studying around the world.

Mary Baldwin College Softball:
Written by MBC Head Softball Coach Christy Shelton, this blog is a way fans can learn more about the team, see what they're doing, and get a "behind the scenes" look.

Mary Baldwin College Tennis:
Written by MBC Head Tennis Coach Paul Yee, this blog lets the fans know what's going on with our tennis playing Fighting Squirrels.

Operation Hunger Reversal:
Students from Mary Baldwin College address food security in our community.

Squirrel Fitness:
MBC Athletic Trainer Charlie Angersbach gives students tips about how to stay healthy, what different activities they can do, and ways they can prevent injury.


Square Pegs Round Hole:
Dr. Stephanie Ferguson, executive director of early college, talks about finding fit… in education…in career…in family…in life!


Nora Manca, Shakespeare graduate student:

Sara Ryan ’12:

Carleigh Young ’16:


Casey Brent ’02 and Lindsey Lieberman ’04: Ham Hocks and Latke Drops
Follow a friendly foodie rivalry between these two creative alums. 

Colleen Carrigan '89: Comps and Croissants
About her split life of being a both a chocolatier and a journal editor, and the trials and tribulations of both.

Aviva Dove-Viebahn ’01: Fourth Wave Feminism
Fourth Wave Feminism is a collaborative blog exploring feminism in the 21st century and grappling with the continued gender inequity in America and the world.

Martha Gates-Mawson ’78: Ailleas Designs
The musings of a jewelry designer.

Ruth Graham ’00:
Travel with Ruth through her life as a spiritual mother, grandmother, woman.

Genie Gratto ’94: The Inadvertent Gardener
“Let’s just say this: apparently, it’s amazing what I’ll do for a good tomato.”

Hannah Guarendi ’09:
A blog about Hannah’s life in the Army

Tamara Zaccaria Hickey ’01: Watching Grass
“We are big people in a tiny family living in a big house in a tiny town. We have big ideas but a tiny income which we make up for with big hearts and tiny things that make us happy. This is my tiny blog, and I will tell you about the tiny (and big) things that happen to us on a daily basis.”

Kathy Lien ’98:
Foreign exchange currency expert

Anita Rose ’10: Sick Malls
A blog about the history of retail

Emmy Smith ’10: High-Maintenance Hippie
Weight loss and becoming a vegetarian

Ash White ’05: Portable Pensieve 
Little writing exercises about living in Staunton, being a teacher, thoughts on faith, etc.